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Miami – Buenos Aires

In Linero Mace + Grisebach, we redefine spaces, specializing in commercial architecture, brand development, branding, advertising photography and everything related to the evolution and expansion of all types of commercial enterprises.

To grow, we implement creative strategies, we create identities, redefined commercial spaces, update installations, we design and implement solutions campaigns to achieve the proposed goals.

We work together to achieve real growth.


Our team of professionals trained in different audiovisual disciplines.
Synergy with customers.
Working with joy and enthusiasm.
Our ability to generate creative and quality products.

  • Architecture

  • Branding


Firms dedicated to gastronomy, entertainment, high-end products, fashion, publishing market, chains, franchises and exhibitions, among other items, make our customer list.


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Guillermo Linero Mace

Architect. and General Director

Ignacio Galarraga

CEO, Miami

Andrea Ciganotto

Architect and Artist Plastic

Alejandro Cardoso

Technical Representative
mavi santos

Running custom design projects decoration, furniture and customer specific advice for each client.

Mavi Santos

Interior Designer

Susana Figueroa Espósito

Representative in Real Estate in Guatemala

Carlos Martinez

Licensed Trade Representative in Guatemala

Evelyn Taballea

Architect. Construction and Management in Guatemala

Daniel Pertiné

Systems Engineer

Amadeo Baez

Trade Representative in Paraguay

Pablo Valda

Photographer and filmmaker

Jesus Suarez

Trade Representative & Real Estate in Panama

Nicolás Negro

Architect, Works director

Hugo Praths

Public Relations

Diego Zippes

Architect. Project director


Logo Design

Designing a logo is graphically express the values of the brand. It is a great effort of synthesis and creativity. In LineroMace + Grisebach we create lasting logos.

Web Design

Designing websites with aesthetic sense and functionality created to enable intuitive navigation, allowing rapid access to information. SEO, content creation for social networks.

Photos Fashion

Fashion photography, campaigns, product photography, models and trend. Analysis of target brand to direct the production and realization of the campaign to your target audience.

Event Photos

Event coverage related to fashion, launching new products and business meetings. online image editing, retouching, color, editorial approach.

Print Design

Print Layout on all types of advertising media for branding and brand presence. Banners, brochures, business cards, postcards, brochures and diversity of communication situations.

Style Manual

From the manual compendium of architecture to branding. Everything about the implementation of local chain, exhibitions, caring for their style and identity, standardization of processes and comprehensive advice.

Fashion Videos

Audiovisual coverage of events, fashion shows, product launches and campaigns clothing and fashion accessories. Trend. Interviews with designers, creators, producers and entrepreneurs in the fashion segment.


Design and implementation of advertising campaigns for traditional media, outdoor and the Internet.


Editing, 2D and 3D animation, CC and Argentine Sign Language LSA, develop audiovisual material for different media

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We have architects, designers, photographers, editors, marketers, advertising creative and a team of professional customer service.

  • Idea

    We have architects, designers, photographers, editors, marketers, advertising creative and a team of professional customer service.

  • Concept

    After the diagnosis of the situation, our team defines the identity of the project. Create a concept and establishes guidelines for its implementation.

  • Design

    Are from the beginning of the idea. From the architectural details to aesthetics, branding and advertising campaign. All that gives visibility to the venture is the responsibility of our study.

  • Develop

    The concept and put it into practice is a part of our work. Support the development of each project in a personalized way, with follow-up responsible for each stage is our commitment.

  • Test

    Our ideas serve if they can be implemented. We offer successful solutions, tested, which can be measured and compared. Our portfolio reflects this.

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120 SW 8th St. Miami, Florida. 33130. Building.Co


Av. de los lagos, Chateau II del Palmar, Nordelta, Tigre. Buenos Aires, Argentina


UNITES STATES Office, 120 SW 8th St. Miami, Florida. 33130. Building.Co

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